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Empowering events & communities with amazing software

A passionate group of people crafting best-in-class solutions that change the way we address problems

Emergency housing and evacuation management platform. 

Fundraise for any club or organization as you travel.

Our Products

Our portfolio of carefully crafted software products power 1,000+ customers across the world.

About Us

Making software that makes sense - Zimcode was founded with its first product, TeamRunner, after we noticed how complicated organizing travel for an event was, especially with a group or team.

Today, Zimcode represents a portfolio of software solutions that each serve different problems. 

At Zimcode we are constantly thinking of new ways to give back to the community. We currently offer sports scholarships to underprivileged athletes and clubs. 

Company News

“Sporting events planning and hosting are very difficult to manage, time consuming and can be very expensive. TeamRunner marketplace makes the task less expensive, time saving and easy. It is a powerful tool!”

Former Secretary General of US Soccer

Hank Steinbrecher

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